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Product Line /

1. Aquaponic Starter Kit /

The starter kit contains everything required for a farmer to begin aquaponics (closed loop system with fish and vegetable) production. This includes excavating to accommodate rearing fish (aquaculture), establishing soil-less beds for agriculture, piping, plumbing, establishing pumps and filtration. All centered around increasing fish (3000%) and crop (700%) production while using 95% less water, compared to traditional farming. 

In addition to fully designing, procuring and building the aquaponic starter kit for our customers, during operation we provide access to our Digital Farm Monitoring System. This allows us to maintain full visibility, with real time data to ensure maximum production at all times.


The individual starter packages contain the same elements but the layout and scale vary from client to client and is adapted to the specific needs of the site. 

For more information on Aquaponics click here.

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Seed Delivery

2. Seasonal Inputs /

NjordFrey facilitates all the inputs that the farmers need to keep a healthy production going, season after season: fingerlings (e.g. tilapia), quality feed and seeds. It is very important for clients to have the knowledge of and security in a good supply chain, so that the harvest yield can create stability season after season.

3. Education & Consulting /

With multiple education and training suites, we build the capacity of our users to run farming solutions efficiently with the goal to increase economic yield. 

The consultancy element is an ongoing service which supports customers in developing a greater share of the agriculture market. The combination of education and counseling strengthens the farmers agency and empowers them as farmers and individuals.

The Digital Farm Monitoring System provides continual feedback that we extract learning from and share with our users.

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