About / we are a social enterprise that offers developing farmers access to advanced farming solutions while at the same time giving the local population the capacity to fight poverty and malnutrition.

Principle Pillars / NjordFrey operates under three guiding pillars to deliver its mission;

  1. Sustainability - Ensuring our products are environmentally friendly and our business model is self sustaining without public funding.

  2. Scalability - Allowing farmers to reinvest and continually grow their yield while as we continue to scale our organisation to maximise impact.

  3. Independence - Working to give farmers the tools and training necessary to provide agency.

Team / The individuals that make this possible:


The main man Lars has worked in the food industry for 15 years, with both large companies, restaurants and start-ups.  Graduating from Roskilde University, Denmark with a Bachelor in International Development Studies and a Masters in Global studies. 


Faisal is a Chartered engineer (IET) with 10 years of delivery experience in large scale international energy and agriculture projects. Graduating from Strathclyde University, UK with a Masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. 

Open Position

We have a position open for our Supply Chain Officer. If you are interested then please send us a 2 page cover letter and CV for the position. See our contact page for details.


Cynthia has completed her Bachelors of Arts in Communication, majoring in Business and brings previous experience in Communication and Content Creation to NjordFrey. Cynthia is responsible for developing our communication strategy and engaging stakeholders.


Florence has completed her Major in Mass Communications and developed years of experience in the start up and finance sector. In this role, Florence will manage company and farm finances in country and continually develop our farmer outgrower business model.


Odile has recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, complete with various agriculture based internships. Odile will continually develop the aquaponic design and operational capacity within NjordFrey.


Najam has a BSc in the field of Biotechnology (Norway) and a MSc BA & Bioentrepreneurship (Denmark). With his background, Najam will be supporting NjordFrey on exciting novel research and development activities to promote innovation in all our future product lines.

Advisory Board 


As founder and Director of Camrosh, a boutique consultancy firm, Pantea has great experience within business strategy and development. Additionally, Pantea is a mentor and alumni of Cambridge Judge business school. 


Sven is a certified Aquaponic designer from Murray Hallam and co-owner of ‘De Flydende Have’ (The Floating Gardens) based in Denmark. They are involved in a large sustainability project Grobund (Grobund.org). There company goal is to experiment, develop and share knowledge about Aquaponics. 

Asger Nørregård Rasmussen

Asger has a master degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Management
from Roskilde University. Asger is community and project manager in Underbroen, which is a collective pre-fabrication and prototype lab located underneath Langebro in Copenhagen. 

Cindy Achieng.jpeg
Cindy Achieng

Cindy is a chemical engineer from Kenya with a high interest in sustainability and has experience in both building and maintaining Aquaponics systems around the world; She built a system in the United States culminating in a paper, setting up a family system in Cambodia and most recently, The Netherlands where she worked with the aquaponic makerspace MediaMatic.

Paul Rye Kledal.jpg
Dr Paul Rye Kledal

Dr. Paul Rye Kledal has 20 years of professional experience as an agricultural economist specialised in Environmental economics (MSc) & international development/PhD, providing evidence based data analysis and policy advice within aquaculture, aquaponics and the organic agriculture sector. His work includes working with Ministries, FAO and international development agencies.

Shena Clair Georgina Rasmussen.jpg
Shena Clair Georgina Rasmussen

Studying a Masters in Political Science at Roskilde University, Denmark, Shena has more than 7 years experience in project management, and as a consultant developing and implementing educational, labour and social polices. 

Shena has worked as a Consultant/PM for Denmarks largest TVET school, and with Rmaboll Management Consulting as a Consultant.

Shena is currently working with Vanguard. 

Julie Greene.jpg
Julie Green

Julie’s work in gender and inclusion spans over 10 years in East Africa and the United States. Julie has a depth of experience in developing and low income contexts with specific focus on women and girl’s empowerment, education, social and economic inclusion, leadership development, GBV, and health access. Julie is a social entrepreneur and holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Camilla Dolberg Schmidt.png
Camilla Dolberg Schmidt

Camilla studied Politics and Economics at Copenhagen University. With a diverse career in project management, teaching, management consultancy, food analyst, and social change projects, Camilla now works as a Project Manager for Østifterne